Wednesday, May 6, 2009

ENGLISH-111-Mr. Gasparo- Get READY, you are in for a ride.

The first day of my English 111 class, I thought it would be just like any other class on your first day. You walk in, see new faces maybe familiar ones. Go over the syllabus and leave after a hour or so. I was in for a big wake up call. Not only did we stay for the whole class, I realized that this class would not be an easy task. After just looking at the course calender I thought to myself I can't do this. This is just took much, I have three other classes and on top of this I have papers after papers that would be due. When Mr.  Gasparo starting telling us what to expect from the class, he was letting every one know that this would not be an easy task.  After the first night I was skeptical of returning. Then I thought to myself, first I chose to take an eight week course and on top of that, this would be a good challenge for me. Out of all the classes I had, no where did I have this much amount of work. 

Returning to the next class, a lot of new faces that you saw the first day had disappeared. That made me nervous, but I kept reminding my self I could do it.  After a few days of the class, the hate that I thought I would have, had went away. First off the teaching Mr. Gasparo gives is different from any other teaching I have had. He teaches in the way that not matter what you will be doing the work. Which is is good. You have to work for a good grade. If you don't like to talk, if you like teaching that is strictly base on a teacher in front of the class talking through the entire class well this is not for you. Everyday of class you will be required to have some type of involvement in Mr. Gasparo class. Which I think is great. I didn't like talk, I was always the person who liked a teacher just talking and me writing notes. I found out that that is far from good teaching.

 Going through the weeks off class, It had been over welming with all the work that I was being given, but I got through it. With Mr. Gasparo being the great teacher he is, he helps you along the way with every thing. He gave us many options of contacting him from, email to skype there was no way he wasn't available to help. He also required us to get to know our class mates and encouraged us to get numbers so if anything would happen we would know what he missed etc. 

With all that being said, even though we had tons of work, I can really say that Mr. Gasparo class was the best class I have ever had. It allowed me to grow as a writer, and grow as a student as well. I remember not being to fond of going in front of a class, even though Im still not, I am better with it. If your up to a good challenge then Mr. Gasparo is the class for you. 



One of the best times in my life was my trip to California. I have been to a lot of places but nothing tops this. Can you just imagine? I mean you always here this and that about California but experience it first hand is a lot more exciting. When I found out I was going to California, I was filled with excitement. 

On the 11th of October, my family and I barked on our trip to California. We had so much luggage we didn't know what to expect so we took as much as we could. We wanted to be prepared. Down to the airport we went, I remember just smiling the whole way there. Once arriving to the airport it hit me, this would be the first time on a plan and on top of that I would be in the air for five hours. Once the reality sunk in, then the excitement went away and the butterflies  came. 

Entering the airport, we got our plan tickets and headed through security, not being familiar with flying we had packed a lot of over size liquid bottles that had to be thrown away. Talk about embarrassing! We finally got on the plan, put our luggage up and sat down. It seem all of sudden the nervousness went away and I was fine, plus I also was sleepy. 

Five hours later we reach LAX international airport. Stepping off the plane I just knew we were some where else yeah the obvious reason the surroundings and the people are different, but California also smells different, I can't exactly describe it but you just know that you are nowhere near virginia. We got our luggage found a taxi and headed off to the hotel. I always thought New York had the worst drivers, I was wrong. California, tops them. They drive much faster and a lot wreck less. While in the car, I remember looking at the billboards and stores as we passed along, just thinking in my head I am actually in LA. 

We finally reached the hotel which by the way was in Hollywood on the Avenue of the Stars. It was so nice, the hotel looked all over the hollywood hills. We walked into the hotel and headed to our rooms, the first night we didn't do much. We were to tired, so we walked around the hotel and looked around. Then headed to bed. 

Next morning we went out around hollywood. First stop was the mall which right around the corner. The shops were so amazing, they had the most fine clothing I had ever seen. We visited a few shops and bought a couple items. After walking around a few times we realized that we were right down the street from Beverly Hills. After getting something to eat, my family and I caught the trolley to Rodeo drive. Talk about something to see. I felt like I was in another world. We ran from shop to shop, taking photos of every little thing. It was so funny, because we were acting like little kids in a  toy store. every car that went pass was either a BMW or ROLL ROYCE. It was just amazing. 

After a long day of site seeing, we headed back to our room. We thought about going to Hollywood BLVD, but we wanted to save that for out last day. The next morning we woke up, and went back on the streets off California. We caught the trolly down to Hollywood BLVD, and the madness begin. I think we forget that its also a tourist attraction. People were everywhere. From the kodak to the Chinese theatre. We were so amazed. 

After thinking nothing else could get better, we found out that a premiere of Max Payne would be airing. After watching the stars roll up in the extravagant cars, three teenagers we walking around trying to sell tickets to the place. At first we thought it was fake, but long and behold it wasn't. We got in, watch the movie. Which was so awesome. After the movie went off, we had the chance to take a few pictures with some of the celebrities. After a long exciting day, and night. We headed back to the hotel. 

The next morning, even though we were disappointed about leaving, we still were excited about the experiences we had. On the plan ride back, I reminisced on the days of Cali fun I had. 

Monday, April 27, 2009

Diagnostic Essay - FIRST DRAFT

What was your favorite vacation or road trip?

My favorite vacation was when I went to California. Not only was this the first time I had been, this was also the first time I had ever flew on a plane. On October 11, 2008; my mother, brother, sister and I headed to the airport for our trip. I was excited but at the same time I was nervous, being on a plane for five hours did not sound too good. After boarding the plane the nerves went away and the excitement about California came back.

Five hours later we landed at LAX airport. The look, smell, even the people were all different. We caught the shuttle to our five star hotel, on the Avenue of the Stars. I had never been to a hotel so extravagant. Our room looked over all of Hollywood. First night we didn’t do much but got settled in. Morning we got dressed and went out. The mall was a few blocks down so we did a little shopping. After shopping us did some site seeing. Come to find out we weren’t too far from Beverly Hills. It was like I was in another world. Rodeo Drive was even better in person. We went from shop to shop, Versace store, to the Gucci store, it was unbelievable. Every car you saw was either a BMW or a Roll Royce. After a long day of site seeing we decided we would save the best for our last day, Hollywood.

The next day my family and I caught the trolley to Hollywood Blvd, we took pictures of the walk of fame, visited shops, and went to the Kodak Theater. To our surprise the Chinese theater was holding a movie premiere of Max Payne. We were able to see the actors walk the red carpet. It was amazing! We waited till the movie was over and took some pictures with the celebrities. We stayed out as long as we could for our last night in California.

At last we headed back to the hotel, got some sleep and woke up early to catch our flight. As we headed out to leave they were shooting an episode of Eli Stone In the lobby. We got to the airport, caught our flight and on the plane I reminisced on the good time my family and I had in California.